A cute little German Shepherd puppy could be the joy of life especially if the owners have toddlers. Although they are an absolute favorite choice of new pet owners, they are not for everyone because of their high energy and intelligence, they demand a lot of time and attention. They are also high maintenance in the grooming and exercise areas.

Despite all the time and effort, they are worth every second. Their love and loyalty are incomparable and there is no greater companion than a faithful German shepherd dog by your side.

What Is the Best Age to Bring a German Shepherd Puppy Home?

The perfect time to adopt a German shepherd puppy is at the age of 7 to 10 weeks because they are weaned. Most breeders release their puppies at about this age, while very few breeders keep their puppies longer.

It is very important to not separate the puppies at a very young age because they learn to socialize with other dogs or animals from their littermates and the mother, they learn discipline and social interaction.

Supplies To Own:

Here are some of the essentials owners should have before bringing a german shepherd puppy home:


It is one of the obvious things to have. Ask the breeder or shelter which food they use to feed the puppy before bringing them home so that there would be no rush and tension.

Good Crate:

It is very important to teach the crate from a very young age as it will make them relax and open to the idea of a safe place and won’t get startled when the owners would carry them in it for vet visits or travels. Accepting a crate is important to their well-being too.


It is important to put a collar with a tracking device onto the new puppy so the owners could keep an eye on where their puppy is, as they can be a bit of an explorer and if they are at a safe place.

Toys And Chews:

German shepherds have powerful jaws, and they love to chew especially puppies. Because of this, their masters want to be sure to have plenty of chews and toys on hand, so they don’t chew up their house instead.

Some companies make durable rubber dog chews that are great for German shepherds. Some of these can hold treats to help keep their interest.

Water Bowls:

Depending on the dog, the best dog bowls for german shepherds are either stainless steel or ceramic. These two materials are easier to keep clean than plastic and prevent bacterial growth that plastic doesn’t prevent.

If the dog likes to dig in their water, a heavy-bottomed bowl can help minimize spills. A slow feeder can also be an excellent choice if the dog gulps its food too quickly, a slow feeder can help slow them down and make mealtimes more pleasurable.

Training Tools:

Owners should start training German shepherd puppies as soon as they bring them home. Some tools that can help are educational books, videos, clickers, tugs, treat bags, leashes, and slip collars.

Dog Bed:

Since German shepherds can grow up to 50 pounds when hit maturity, they are regarded as large dogs. They love a good dog bed that is comfortable but also supports their back and joints to prevent hip or elbow dysplasia. A dog bed is also a great place to send them when their masters need them to relax or send them to prevent them from getting underfoot. Even if they sleep in their owner’s bed, their dog bed is a great idea.

Are German Shepherd Puppies Easy to Train?

Since they are an intelligent dog breed, they are comparatively easier to be trained. When it comes to training, they are regarded as one of the finest breeds. However, because each dog is unique, there may be variations, and some dogs may have been bred to excel at particular tasks more than others.

Here are some reasons why german shepherd puppies are easier to train:

  • They are obedient.
  • They have the instinct to please their master.
  • They are highly adaptable
  • They are very active and have high energy

German Shepherds are the kind of dogs who do best in a structured, attentive, and energetic environment. In reality, a dog’s life and connection with its owner will be a lot more positive if its owner can provide them with amusing experiences and activities to partake in. Even training will be a piece of cake.

These canines are frequently simple to teach as long as the owners are utilizing the right training technique. German Shepherds are trained throughout their entire lives. It keeps their minds engaged and keeps them from having to come up with their amusement. Many destructive behaviors in this breed are connected to a lack of mental or physical exercise however, they might develop some disease over time but by ensuring to breed only great bloodline German shepherd sires and dams these issues can also be avoided.