German Shepherd Dogs are loyal, adaptable, clever, and active canines. They are able to pick up a variety of orders, which makes them suitable as service, military, and family dogs. German Shepherds are friendly dogs that make wonderful companions as well as exercise or exploring partners when they are not doing their job. Well, there are many reasons to appreciate them. Shepherds are clever and attractive, and they are well-known for being devoted buddies and natural defenders. They are ideal for families because of this.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should get a German shepherd:

1- Smart And Intelligent

German Shepherd dogs are renowned for their intelligence, and many of them are capable of quickly picking up new behaviors. They also have a legendary drive to collaborate and help us, a quality that many interpret as a desire to please their humans.

They like pleasing their owners during training sessions and are intelligent enough to pick up a variety of skills, including service jobs as well as general agility and competitive sports.

2- Loyal And Protective

German Shepherds have a wonderful personality trait called loyalty. The sense of loyalty in them is very strong. They would safeguard not only their masters but every member of the household. They are ideal guard dogs due to their strong sense of devotion and instinct for protection and since the German shepherd’s bite force is high, they can literally tear anyone while protecting their loved ones. However, in order to prevent them from being overly protective, adequate socialization and training are necessary.

Because they are pack animals, German Shepherds easily fit in with the family and have a strong protective instinct for both their house and pack. One of the most popular explanations for why families select Shepherds is this. They are naturally suspicious of outsiders and act as the family’s first line of defense against intruders.

3- Friendly To Other Pets

If they have had the correct socialization, most German Shepherds get along with other animals. They get along nicely with other dogs and cats. Some German Shepherds are even tolerant and kind to other animals.

4- Strong And Healthy

German Shepherds normally are not impacted by inherited diseases if they eat high-quality food and get lots of exercise. Effective breeding can help avoid or considerably lower the likelihood of hip and elbow dysplasia, which is frequent in bigger breeds and is more common in German Shepherds.

German shepherd’s life span may vary between 9-13 years. For lifespan and good health, selecting the proper breeder is essential. The top German shepherd breeders pick their breeding stock very carefully, reducing health hazards.

5- Extremely Flexible and Adaptable

The popularity of German Shepherds can be attributed in part to their ability to fit into any lifestyle or environment. German Shepherds thrive in homes with lots of space for a yard, but as long as they receive enough exercise, they may also live comfortably in apartments. If you want a German Shepherd, you won’t need to change your way of life because it can readily adapt to fit your needs.

Are German Shepherds Good with Kids?

While it’s always vital to make sure that your kids and your new dog know how to get along, German Shepherds need particular attention. Before your dog comes in, be careful to establish ground rules with your family.

Also, be sure to begin a training program with your puppy as soon as you bring it home. Naturally, you should always watch your kids while they are playing with them. Additionally, make sure all of your kids are aware of certain basic guidelines, such as staying away from shepherds who seem wounded, angry, or sick, and keeping your distance from animals that are feeding.

They can make a great family dog if you take the time to integrate them into your family in the right way. When properly socialized and taught, German Shepherds are friendly with kids and like playing with them. They are an extremely clever breed that has been carefully chosen throughout history for their attentive, devoted behavior toward their families.

How Fast Can a German Shepherd Run?

This may be surprising to many, but they are among the fastest canines. They can run at speeds of about 30 to 32 miles per hour. They accelerate far more quickly than the majority of other canines when they are pursuing anything. After one to two years, they reach their maximum speed, and as they age, it decreases.

They are undoubtedly driven and competitive enough. German Shepherds have high prey drives, excellent stamina, and superb speed, all of which should improve their racing prowess.

What Are the Types of German Shepherds?

Shepherds are usually known for their black and brown coats. But they can be classified into the following types:

  • Saddle Back Shepherds
  • Black German Shepherd
  • Panda German Shepherd
  • Sable German Shepherd
  • White German Shepherd

If you believe the German shepherd dog is the breed for you, like with any breed, make sure to do an extensive study before you get one. To find out more, speak to other owners, reliable breeders, and rescue organizations.