She has a high ball/play drive, but also the ability to “turn it off” and settle as a great house pet at will.  With super high intelligence, Anoshi takes to training with ease.  Best guard dog with strangers, she is a great protector but will warm up to people when given the ok by “her” humans.


A very similar to Karinina, but larger; she weighs 70 lb.  She is a bi-colored Stock coat German shepherd but can produce black pups.  Agnes has the same field trial titles as Karinina and the same calm demeanor. As her IPO1 title indicates, she is a flat-backed, working line dog, as all our dogs are.


The smallest German shepherd breed. She can produce miniature German shepherds as well as long coat pups.  Karina is 100% pure love.  She will present herself with a strong bark to strangers on the property, but quickly becomes their good friend once introduced by her trusted handler.  She has a strong food and moderate ball drive.