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Owning German Shepherd dogs is a joy. They make great companion animals. Shepherds have great playful energy and are a highly trainable breed. Shepherds desire an intense relationship with their families. You probably have a lot of questions if you’ve never owned a German Shepherd before, and you’re considering getting one. We provide first-hand expertise and advice so that you can spend more time engaging with your new family member and less time learning the ins and outs of German Shepherd ownership.

Here at Upstate German Shepherds, we offer German Shepherd puppies bred following finest European traditions. German shepherds are consistently ranked as one of the most popular dog breeds in America.


Stock – a top or outer coat about 1 ½’’ long with an undercoat of fine short hair so dense that it resists water.


Longhair – a top coat of fur about 3’’ long with the same undercoat as the stock coat.

A bi-color shepherd often has just just tan “socks’’ in tan, along with tan eyebrows, often some tan spots on the chest, and a small patch of tan under the tail, all on a base coat of black.

The black and red GSD can be stock coat or longhaired. Cruze is a stunning example of black and red longhaired.


When the colors are mixed or scattered the result is called sable. Such coloration can include blond, silver, brass, red, tan and black in an endless variety of patterns. The blond and silver can highlight the dog’s musculature. The sable is our most popular color. A majority of our dogs are sable like Patton.

The all-black shepherd has become very popular. Iris and Karma are as beautiful as you will find in black. The coat absorbs so much light as to make the dog appear smaller and more slender than it actually is. A longhaired black is rare.


A variation of the black shepherd has a diluted color so as to have a gun-metal blue appearance. Such blue GSD’s are perfectly natural but very rare. A longhaired blue is the rarest of GSD’s that we deal in.


Plush – a cross between the stock and longhair, usually wavy with the same undercoat.

Many variations in German Shepherd dogs’ coats and coloration are natural and normal. A few have been produced by inbreeding of close relatives (mother to son; father to daughter) that invites recessive genes to express to the detriment of the breed. We never do such breeding. Examples of healthy variation are:

The traditional GSD breed standard, the black saddle. This is the stock coat or longhair shepherd which is mostly tan but with the large saddle or patch of black across its back. Chewy is a great example of this.

Any color or variation, mentioned above can be poorly or well bred.

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Breeding #1:

Pups born on 5/25/2022. This litter belongs to a close friend / partner breeder who is sadly experiencing some health issues at this time. We are helping him out with this exceptional litter. Hemi has many east German working line dogs in his pedigree!

Attention everyone, the litter is sold out.

Breeding #2:

Karma gave birth to 5 beautiful, large, healthy pups on 8/7/2022.

These dark beauties are large bones, and just adorable! Among the remaining ones, we are left with 1 male and female each

Breeding #3:

Born on 9/26/2022, Ida blessed us with a beautiful litter of 10 sables in shades ranging from golden to dark black sable! There are some males and females available from this litter.


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