Hara has boundless energy and a very high play drive. She can play fetch all day! She is a flat-backed, working line dog with a large head. She was trained professionally, and has achieved her BH title. Hara is also nearly ready to compete for her IPO1 title, showing proficiency in all 3 phases – obedience, tracking, and protection! That means she stays on command in the face of serious distraction such as noises and traffic. She is highly intelligent and a lot of fun to train. Hara is our highest drive dog. Additionally, she is friendly with family yet very protective when strangers appear, alerting us immediately.


We recently were honored with the opportunity to host a few puppies available, bred by a friend / partner kennel. These pups were bred by a retired police officer we know who is breeding some beautiful black pups from 50% DDR (highly sought after west German working line) lines!

We have 3 females and 3 males from his great breedings here for your consideration that are ready to go home NOW!!!

These are very friendly, healthy solid black pups who will be over large in size (females 70 to 90 lbs, and most males will be 90+ at maturity). Their sire is 100lbs+, and their dams (3 pups each from 2 different dams) are in the 75 to 80 lbs range.

Note: the adults pictured are the puppies parents.

WOW! Super rare opportunity right here! We typically don’t focus on color in our dogs,. preferring to concentrate on health, temperament and conformation, with the color they are born being incidental… That said, every once in a while it all comes together WITH a special Color! This RARE SOLID BLUE baby is one of those cases! Never heard of a blue German shepherd? You are not alone! There are some out there, but it is indeed very rare! This is a fully registerable color with AKC. Some breeders breed just for the rare colors of German shepherd (blue,.liver, white). We steer far clear of those, as is often the case, they care more about producing this “rare” color than they do the health, temperament and conformation of the dog. What Sets this beautiful solid blue male apart is that he was not born out of the attempt to produce this color, but rather was a happy coincidence! He is out of the same 50% DDR litters as the black puppies above, bred for all of the qualities you want in a good Shepherd, but just happened to be born with a glorious Blue coat! Pictures are of him now, as well as an older full brother of his so you can see what he will look like at maturity. He will be a big boy like the above blacks.


Breeding #1

Agnes delivered a healthy litter of 7 on 11/27. All pups from this litter are spoken for.

Breeding #2

Karma was confirmed pregnant on 12/20 via ultrasound with a moderate sized litter of 4 to 6 pups. We expect blacks, bi coloreds, and sables from this cross. There may be 1 or 2 spots left available on this litter.

Breeding #3

Ida x Levi

Ida and Levi were mated on 12/13 for an expected litter that we are very excited about! Ida is one of our newest imports from Germany, and is a good sized female at a solid 75 lbs. She has proven since arriving to have a superior temperament as well. We expect this cross to produce all sable puppies. This particular cross should produce larger shepherds in the 75 to 100 lb range for those liking a dog of greater size! There are availabilities from this breeding.

Breeding #4 through 6:

Upcoming heat cycles expected with Karinina, Anoshi, and Iris in that order, if all goes as expected. We are planning to pair Karinina with Cruze for a litter of stock and long coats with superior temperaments! Anoshi will be bred to Chewy one more time to repeat one of our most popular crosses, producing good sized long coat sables and bi coloreds. Iris will be bred to Patton for a nice litter of blacks, bi coloreds, and sables. Stay tuned for updates as they happen.


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