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German Shepherd Pups Are Available To Go Home Soon!!!


WOW! Super rare opportunity right here! We typically don’t focus on colour in our German shepherd pups, preferring to concentrate on healthy German shepherd, temperament, and conformation, with the colour they are born being incidental… That said, occasionally, it all comes together with a special Colour! This solid blue German shepherd baby is one of those cases! Never heard of a blue German shepherd. You are not alone! There are some out there, but it is indeed very rare! This is a fully registerable colour with AKC. Some breeders breed just for the rare colours of a German shepherd (blue, Liver, white).

For German shepherd breed standard, we steer far clear of those, as is often the case, they care more about producing this “rare” colour than they do the health, temperament, and conformation of the dog. What Sets this beautiful solid blue male apart is that he was not born out of the attempt to produce this colour, but rather was a happy coincidence! He is out of the same 50% DDR litters as the black puppies above, breed for all quality German shepherd puppies you want in a good Shepherd, but just happened to be born with a glorious blue coat! Pictures are of him now, as well as an older full brother of his so you can see what he will look like at maturity. He will be a big boy like the above blacks.


Breeding #1

Anoshi had a small, and very healthy litter on 3/28/2022. All of these beautiful puppies are spoken for.

Breeding #2

Iris whelped a beautiful 7 puppy litter on 4/9/2022. She gave us 4 males (1 black, 3 sable) and 3 females (2 black, 1 sable). All of the babies are absolutely perfect, fat, and sassy! Iris is doing absolutely wonderfully as a first time mom!

We have 2 females ( 1sable , 1 solid black!) Reach out today to find out how you could be bringing one of these adorable german shepherd babies home in just a few weeks!

Breeding #3:

Bred on 4/8/2022. We expect Karina to have a litter of sable and bi colored pups. Most should be long coated, with the possibility of some stock coat. These pups should be lower / low-medium drive pups that will make wonderful family pets / companions. There are still some open spots on this exciting pairing.

Breeding #4:

Bred on 4/6/2022. We expect a nice 6 to 9 pup litter of blacks, bi coloreds, and sables from Agnes. In her last litter of this pairing we had pups ranging from low- medium to mid- high drive, so we should have something to fit whatever level you are looking for. These will be average sized pups that should mature between 65 and 80 lbs.

Reserve your pick order today for the best selection!

Breeding #5:

Bred on 4/18 this should be a spectacular litter of long haired black and reds with a lot of black, and a possibility of a very rare long coat solid black! These should be big boned, medium large shepherds with a good play drive, and the ability to be wonderful loyal family pets and protectors.


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