Cruze Wil Z Hipolitowa, born 5/8/2018 & bred in Poland. He is a stunning black and red German shepherd. He is a standard-sized male at 75 lbs.


Cruze is a beautiful bear of a long-haired German shepherd! Coming from an exceptional Polish bloodline, we were truly blessed to find and add Cruze to our dog kennel for German shepherds!

He is a trained German shepherd who has a great alert bark, but deep down, he is truly just a loving teddy bear who just loves to be included in whatever you are doing. The ultimate companion dog for many buyers, Cruze has a low-ball drive, and would prefer treats as an incentive when training if you please! Cruze is a friendly German shepherd at his happiest when he gets the nod to go for a nice car ride to see new sites with his people! Cruze is good with children and small dogs and tolerates cats.

OFA HD Good ED Normal DM N

CRUZE Elbow Certificate

CRUZE Hip Certificate

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