Cruze is a beautiful bear of a long-haired German shepherd!  Coming from an exceptional Polish bloodline, we were truly blessed to find and add Cruze to our dog kennel for German shepherds! He is a trained German shepherd who has a great alert bark, but deep down, he is truly just a loving teddy bear who just loves to be included in whatever you are doing.


Chewy is owned and graciously allowed to be used as a stud by our good friends and partner kennel Vom Liebestropschen German shepherds. He is from German lines, giving him good protective instinct, and superior trainability, paired with the beautiful rich black and red long-haired German shepherd coat.


They are from a standard coat x longhair breeding. They are a bit more mellow. Levi is a friendly German shepherd with a winning personality. He has good ball drive (not too high) AND a balanced temperament. He has strong family protection instincts without aggression towards other dogs or people.


At the time of this writing, Quantum is the youngest most highly trained German shepherd in the US; that is, the youngest IPO3. He is a handsome red sable with the legendary German Shepherd intelligent expression along with top performance!


Patton is a structurally perfect, beautiful young male.  He greets strangers with a strong bark, and a reserved attitude until he is commanded that it is OK.  Patton has a high ball drive and is a playful German shepherd!