Want to know what a $40,000 dog looks like? Meet Quantum! We are very, very fortunate to get one of the best males Kraftwerkk9 has even produced.


At the time of this writing, Quantum is the youngest most highly trained male in the US; that is, the youngest IPO3. He is a handsome red sable with the legendary German Shepherd intelligent expression along with top performance!

Interestingly, he is not as big as Rommel but easily as powerful. He is medium sized and strong, with a tremendous head along with fantastic expression. He is absolutely non-aggressive with other animals and great with children. Quantum is totally self-confident and trustworthy in every situation.

Importantly, he is second-to-none in natural drive to perform just like his famous father and grandfather. Athletic and quick to do anything asked of him, Quantum shows an excellent relationship with his handler in obedience with quick response to the commands. He has especially strong drive in protection work demonstrating full and super hard grips, intensive guarding in the “bark and hold”and after the out. He loves the ball and is highly motivated to do anything for it.

Quantum is superior in all three phases of IPO tracking (decision making), obedience and protection. He shows absolute control during the stress of protection. Quantum has a highly acclaimed pedigree with optimum health and vitality along with unmatched performance.

His hips and elbows are certified a1; DM clear.

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