SG Karenina, born on November 19, 2017, is a valued member of our European K9 Training Base, known affectionately as the “Pocket Rocket.” Weighing 55 lbs, she’s our smallest German Shepherd, capable of producing both miniature and long coat pups. With a heart of pure love, she’s friendly yet vigilant with strangers, excelling as a service dog in blood sugar detection. Karenina’s adaptability, intelligence, and exceptional disposition make her an ideal family companion and working dog, with a track record of sold-out litters and excellent hip and elbow health.


SG Karenina European K9 Training Base BH ZVV1 DOB: 11/19/2017 She’s a Czech Republic German shepherd.

We call her the 55 lb “Pocket Rocket”! She is our smallest German shepherd breed. She can produce miniature German shepherds as well as long coat pups. Karinina is 100% pure love. She will present herself with a strong bark to strangers on the property, but quickly becomes their good friend once introduced by her trusted handler. She has a strong food and moderate ball drive. Karinina has found her true calling as a service dog (blood sugar detection) showing an unflappable attitude in all settings from parks to casinos and concerts, nothing shakes her focus or her steady nerves. Good with children, small dogs, and cats. Karinina has proven to produce puppies with incredible trainability, and who shares her exceptional disposition.

As her IPO1 title indicates, she is a flat-backed, working line dog, as all our dogs are. We used to be able to just say a dog was European and that meant flat-backed, working line, but sadly no more. For reasons that we can’t explain the Europeans are now following the Americans into show dog lines. From our perspective, this is madness! So, now some European GSDs are sloped back, show dogs; bred for a “beauty” standard that we don’t even think is beautiful, instead of a work function which is always a subset of intelligence. Thank God for the Czechs! We have a trusted source in the Czech Republic who feels the same way we do about our Shepherds and are a family-owned kennel like us. We got Karinina as bred and trained by them.

Karinina clearly has the intelligence and drive for higher-level training BUT importantly, has an “off” switch. This means that her usual demeanor is as a family-friendly companion dog eager to get her next command and have energetic fun with the family who is her “pack”. Turn the switch and she is a serious working dog, fully focused on the task at hand. This high-performance dog can, upon command, go right back to being a family pet. Her pups will exhibit this wonderful trait as well. More and more of our clients are having their pup trained in Search and Rescue. It is a wonderful family activity and, once certified, can be a valuable community function when called upon by authorities to find a lost person. Our dogs always excel at this and are at the top of their class. No wonder, S&R requires decision making and our dogs are smart!

Karinina has a higher ball drive than our other females. Ball drive is a measure of the dog’s eagerness to play hard. This is an essential trait in higher-level training. The ball becomes the reward for the pup in training. For the client who wants a dog for training beyond basic obedience, ball drive is what they are looking for. Karinina is a medium but strongly built female with A1 hips and good elbows. Her litters are sold out before they are born.

HD A1 ED Normal Spine Clear DM N

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