Mango, from WRF “Mira,” captivates with her striking black and red long coat. Weighing approximately 75 pounds, she boasts not only an above-average size but also an oversized personality to match. Mira’s charm is irresistible to all who meet her, drawn to both her stunning appearance and her lively and affectionate nature. Always ready for playtime, she transitions seamlessly to serious work when needed, showcasing exceptional obedience and intelligence as a trained diabetic detection service dog. With unwavering nerves, Mira accompanies her handler to various venues, from concerts to casinos, showcasing her versatility and adaptability. She embodies the quintessential German Shepherd traits, and we anticipate her puppies will inherit her exceptional qualities.

About MIRA

Mango from WRF “Mira” is a stunning black and red long coat female. At about 75 pounds, Mira is a slightly above average sized female, with an even more over sized personality.

Everyone who meets Mira falls in love immediately with both her stunning looks, and her exuberant and fun loving personality. Mira is super playful, and always up for a good time, but can become all business when called upon.

As a trained diabetic detection service dog, Mira also displays exceptional obedience and intelligence. With rock steady nerves, Mira frequents many places with her handler, including concerts, casinos, county fairs, and anywhere else necessary to perform her service. Mira embodies all attributes of the perfect German shepherd, and we expect her puppies to do so as well!

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