Iris Vom Reiss, born on November 19, 2019, was bred in the USA. As a black stock coat German Shepherd, she proudly carries the lineage of Quantum, renowned as one of the finest dogs in the entire country. Iris mirrors her father’s exceptional traits, displaying excellent bone development, a gentle disposition, and a strong desire to please. Intelligent and trainable, she embodies the qualities expected of a Quantum daughter. While her confirmation is correct, Iris stands out with her tall and robust build, weighing 70 lbs. She is a loving and intelligent companion, quick to learn and adapt to new environments, adjusting her energy level accordingly. With a moderate ball and food drive, Iris excels in obedience and responsiveness. She has been screened and certified with OFA HD Good, ED Normal, and DM N status.


Hartman’s Karma. DOB: 12/14/2019.

German shepherd from the Czech Republic, born in the USA to our Karenina. If you are wondering how that happened, we bought her mother, Karenina, from a small German shepherd breed her to the great Xolatan. She went into heat before she could be shipped, so they held her for about 10 more days, bred her, and then shipped Karinina to us pregnant. Karma was our pick of the litter. That was two years ago. Karma passed all her health qualifiers and is now ready to join our breeding adults.

Karma is small by our standards, but the Europeans are trending toward smaller GSDs in general: females in the ’60s (pounds) and males 20-25 pounds heavier. She is a solid black stock coat dog and is said that she carries a long coat. That means if she is bred to a male that also is the long coat or carries that gene, some pups will be long coats.

Karma is a happy, fun-loving girl! She has high play drive, and an intense desire to please in anything asked of her. Quick to learn whatever is being taught, she is a typically smart and sweet daughter of Karenina, and the great German stud Xoltan Vom Peroh IPO 3.

She does not have hip or elbow dysplasia or the DM gene (DM Clear).

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