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Hartman’s Anoshi, born on December 5, 2016, is a cherished sable long coat German Shepherd weighing 60 lbs, originating from the USA. As our first sable long coat, she ignited our passion for these stunning breeds. With a high ball/play drive and remarkable intelligence, Anoshi excels in training while also possessing the ability to settle as a great house pet. A vigilant guard dog with strangers, she warms up quickly under the approval of her trusted humans. Anoshi’s lineage is exemplary, with her sire, Rush Vom Kaftwerk, serving as a working police K9, and her dam as a wheelchair assist service dog. Raised with constant interaction in a household setting, Anoshi is well-socialized and exhibits excellent house manners. As with all Upstate German Shepherds, our puppies receive the utmost care and socialization, ensuring a smooth transition into their new families. With OFA HD good, ED Normal, and DM N status, Anoshi represents the second generation of excellence at Upstate German Shepherds.


Hartman’s Anoshi, DOB: 12/5/2016 

Anoshi is a German shepherd original breed from USA and is a sable long coat weighing 60 lb. Anoshi was our first sable long coat German shepherd and fuelled our deep love of these long-haired beauties! She has a high ball/play drive, but also the ability to “turn it off” and settle as a great house pet at will. With super high intelligence, Anoshi takes to training with ease. Best guard dog with strangers, she is a great protector, but will warm up to people when given the ok by “her” humans. Anoshi has become one of our most reliable producers of phenomenal family dogs and has several of her offspring in search and rescue homes! Anoshi’s sire Rush Vom Kaftwerk * was a working police K9 with an upstate NY police force until his recent retirement, and her dam was a wonderful wheelchair assist service dog! Anoshi took on all the best traits from both of her wonderful parents.

She possesses a good, but manageable drive, ideal for training, and a wonderful loving disposition that allows her to get along with all ages of people and co-exist in a multi dog and cat home environment. She is a much-loved family pet first and foremost. Anoshi has excellent house manners. All Upstate Gertman Shepherds, puppies are raised in the house, with constant interaction with multiple people, and other pets in the home. We feel this produces a well-socialized puppy, that can transition into its new family more easily upon weaning. 

OFA HD good ED Normal DM N

*Mishka is the mother of Anoshi. Rush is Anoshi’s father. Rush is from Rommel x Mercedes. Therefore, Anoshi is second generation Upstate German Shepherds.

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