Cira Von Den Drei Schwarzen Eichen AD WeT, born on September 3, 2019, is another of our esteemed German Shepherds hailing from Germany. She is a rare black long coat German Shepherd, weighing 70 lbs. Known for her exceptional beauty, capturing her essence in photos proves challenging due to the way her black coat absorbs light, obscuring details. Initially skeptical of strangers, Cira quickly warms up once she gets to know them, a trait highly valued by our buyers. With a high ball drive, playful disposition, and strong food drive, Cira exemplifies loyalty and protectiveness towards her family. She harmoniously coexists with cats and small dogs. Both of her parents are distinguished long coat IPO 3’s in Germany, further attesting to her exceptional lineage. Cira has been screened and certified with Normal HD/ED and DM N status.

About CIRA

SG Cira Von Den Drei Schwarzen Eichen AD WeT DOB: 9/3/2019
Cira is another of our German shepherds from Germany, where she was bred. CIRA is a rare black german shepherd long coat, weighing in at 70 lb. Her pups are much sought after. Photos do not begin to show her stunning beauty.
As with all blacks, her coat absorbs light making it difficult to capture detail. Skeptical of strangers on first meeting, Cira warms up quickly once she gets to know someone. This is exactly what most of our buyers are looking for. High-ball drive, playful disposition with those she knows, and high food drive, are her traits. Cira is protective of those she considers family. She is good with cats and small dogs. Both of her parents are beautiful and rare long coat IPO 3’s in Germany.
HD / ED Normal DM N
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