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We were thrilled to add Ida to our family from Germany. A 75 lb short-coat sable German Shepherd, she’s not only impressive in stature but also in character. With both her parents boasting beautiful sable IPO 3 titles, Ida inherits a legacy of excellence. Her friendly nature, high ball drive, and innate “on/off switch” make her a joy to be around, especially with children, cats, and small dogs. Coupled with her excellent health screenings and DM negative status, Ida’s character shines through in every interaction, embodying warmth, playfulness, and unwavering loyalty.

About IDA

SG Ida Von Den Caerosen IGP1 DOB 9/18/2018

We brought Ida in from Germany this year, considering ourselves lucky to have found her available. She is a short coat sable German shepherd weighing 75 lbs. She is a big female German shepherd. Both of her parents are beautiful sable IPO 3’s from Germany. IPO 3 is the highest level of training. It involves German shepherd tracking, obedience, decision-making, and protection. Ida’s score of 278 on the IGP1 Test is very good!

We do such training to prove our claims of superior intelligence, cooperative personality, vigor, health, and friendly dog. It also demonstrates our claim that our dogs have an “on/off switch”.

Ida is super friendly, with a happy disposition and high-ball drive, but with that important on/off switch. Importantly, she is good with children, cats, and small dogs.

Her screening for Hip Dysplasia was A (excellent, no dysplasia) and her elbows are Normal. She is DM N (negative, or clear).

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