Iris Vom Reiss, born on November 19, 2019, was bred in the USA. As a black stock coat German Shepherd, she proudly carries the lineage of Quantum, renowned as one of the finest dogs in the entire country. Iris mirrors her father’s exceptional traits, displaying excellent bone development, a gentle disposition, and a strong desire to please. Intelligent and trainable, she embodies the qualities expected of a Quantum daughter. While her confirmation is correct, Iris stands out with her tall and robust build, weighing 70 lbs. She is a loving and intelligent companion, quick to learn and adapt to new environments, adjusting her energy level accordingly. With a moderate ball and food drive, Iris excels in obedience and responsiveness. She has been screened and certified with OFA HD Good, ED Normal, and DM N status.

About CIRA

Iris Vom Reiss DOB: 11/19/2019 Bred in USA. black stock coat German shepherd, is a daughter of Quantum, one of the very best dogs in the entire USA; his bio is here in the Sires section. She certainly exhibits his qualities: very good bone development, sweet disposition, and anxious to please! She is a very intelligent and trainable, playful dog, as would be expected of a Quantum daughter. Her confirmation is correct, yet she differs from Quantum in that she is tall and large overall at 70 LB.

Iris is a very loving, good-sized female. She is a very intelligent German shepherd and learns anything you set out to teach her very quickly. The female German shepherd can quickly adapt to new settings and adjusts her energy level to meet whatever is appropriate for her current environment. She has a moderate ball and food drive.

OFA HD Good ED Normal DM N

IRIS Elbow Certificate

IRIS Hip Certificate

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