Hilde just turned 5 months, and in the past 3 that she has been with us, she has been doing spectacularly. Our kids, ages 8 and 12, adore her, and she adores them. Her favorite time of the day is when they both return home from school.

​Hilde completed the beginner obedience class and it has been nice watching her learn. She picks commands up so quickly and truly loves to work. This week we started intermediate training. Our son does most of the handling in class, and was very proud to take her through Star Puppy certification last week.

She is exactly the temperament and drive that we had hoped for when we spoke with you before the puppies were born. She is ready to go at a moment’s notice and loves to be active outside with us. She just about turns inside out when the kids come home, but during the day, while we work, she is quietly napping by our desks. She is a very loving, lovely dog and we could not be happier.

Sy & Kelly



Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have our Remi. She has been such a delight in our family in many ways.

Remi is now as you know almost 6 months old and is working with a private Trainner at our home. Remi weighs in at 58 lbs already. And has visits with her sister Athena often.

Jacqui D.



A year has passed since we were blessed with our boy Klaus from your October 2015 litter. I have been remiss on sending updates, and thought you would enjoy a picture. He looks so much like his mother, only with a much larger frame, like his father. He has a great personality, very lovable and super smart.

Tracy V., Morristown, NY


D’jango (Mercedes x Rommel)

Here is a picture of D’jango from fall 2015 breeding of Mercedes and Rommel.

He’s proven to be an amazing dog and coming along really well. He’s clear headed on the sleeve and shows great prey drive.
Jeremy White


Gypsy – April, 2018 Tracking/Trailing Certification

“We just took Gypsy to tracking training and she excelled. I’m considering getting her into K9 Handler search and rescue. The instructor was blown away with how much of a natural she was. We beat out two dogs that have been training for 4 years and this was our first day out! You breed some amazing working dogs!”
Alyssa Upfold, Port Byron, NY

She is the perfect dog and adjusts to everything, calm and quiet in the house. She is gorgeous, we owe you so much for her! She is such a love and so smart. I brought her in to her kennel to dry off. The next time she went right in without me asking.
We took Gypsy (Athena) on her first camping trip. She is SUCH an amazing dog. She adjusts so well to everything!
Alyssa Upford, Port Byron, NY


Adira (Rommel x Lexus)

Adira – Now 2 1/2 year old; bred from Rommel and Lexus
I thought this might be a good time to catch you up on Adira. She is the most extraordinary dog I have ever known and this has been echoed by every dog handler she has been near. She is funny, smart, beautiful, spunky, brave, and gentle. She looks and sounds fierce but has not harmed a feather on our amazon parrot or any child who has ever come near her. Her instincts for people is amazing. I’m pretty sure she speaks English and know she reads facial expressions, body language and most people’s minds, certainly mine. She runs like the wind and learns in a flash. I’ve relied on her to find my keys, a lost shoe, my way out of the woods, or our car in a parking lot. I could tell endless stories about her bravery and trickery. Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives!

Tracy V., Morristown, NY