The most insightful and energetic breed is the German shepherd dog. A set of boundaries needs to be abolished upon exploring the potential. Once, the dog knows what it needs to do, it becomes easier for the owner and the dog to find contentment.

Once, someone buys German shepherd puppies. The obedience training prepares the dog for a diligent working routine. As these dogs are used for several working purposes, obedience training for german shepherds helps them become efficient and flexible, and agility is required once they know their defined purpose.


Hence, the training of german shepherd puppies shall start as soon as possible. Here are some of the tips and tricks to follow for bringing true obedience to German Shepherds.

1. The Power of Positivity

The training of the puppy shall start on a positive note. The german shepherd dog shall be befriended and given the vibes of belongingness. The dog shall feel it is being praised for valuable actions. For that, a constructive model is required to make it a positive experience. The use of food or toy treats the puppy towards being obedient. A positive gesture is the key to correct behavior.

2. Proofing Commands

It is for sure an easy task for the dog to obey the commands at home, but it gets quite difficult in a new environment. Hence, it calls for some disparity in the surroundings, so the dog takes the command without any distractions. It is for sure not to expect the dog to obey any commands in a new place unless it has been trained for it.

3. Socialization

A German shepherd’s breeding is protective and dominative in nature. It requires socializing skills to prevent any sort of aggressive and anxious behavior. This skill needs to be developed at a younger age (16-20 weeks) which is the most adaptive time for whatever they are exposed to.

4. The Wand of Reward

German Shepherds are very good pleasers to their owners. So, the wand of reward is essential to track the puppy. The use of both positive and negative rewards shall be for the same. The use of verbal and physical gestures comes in handy whenever the dog does something unexpected. This will make the dog learn the differentiation between what to praise and what not to.

5. Correct Leash Training

Among our dams & sires, the dog is characterized by its cunning, leading-from-the-front personality. Going against its trait will only harm its confidence and result in becoming aggressive towards everyone. However, the training to walk gently on a leash becomes an easy trot. The use of a harness to take the dog within a set distance on the leash. It is told, that the dog shall not be dragged along its pulling, instead, the dog shall be instructed to stay on the command.

6. Avoid Supporting Unacceptable Behavior

While training the dog to be obedient, the undesirable actions will give the dog a wrong direction and thus create problems. For instance, a German Shepherd shall be stopped once it jumps on feeding and avoids the support, even if it is accidental. This will make him realize the result is undesirable.

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