With a little bit of patience and serenity, there are many commands to teach a German shepherd. It is essential to teach them different commands to live happily with them. It is more than just teaching basic obedience; it can generate a two-way street of communication.

Confident, brave, loyal, intelligent, and gentle it is no wonder German shepherds are considered one of the best dog breeds. This versatile working dog is eager to please and quick to learn. While they can be dominant dogs, upon proper obedience training and sessions they can be proved as the most loyal companions.

In Which Language German Shepherd Training Should Be Done?

German Shepherd training in German is a usual practice among owners of the breed. These commands are often used for police dogs and dogs trained in the home for private protection. Although it is a personal choice to train the dog in the German language or either in the native language as long as the dog understands the command it doesn’t matter whatever language they are trained in. Training them commands is actually quite simple, but the owners will need to prepare a few things in advance to guarantee success. Plan in advance before starting to train them that can be followed and keep these items at the ready.

  • A list of commands in German.
  • Tasty treats like cheese or sliced hot dogs that they usually don’t get.
  • A leash or harness.

The toughest part will be persistence and consistency as the dog is making the transition. Below are three methods that will help in sticking to the goals.

  1. First command method
  2. Association method
  3. The key commands method

All these methods are effective but making sure which method suits the personality of the dog best is important.

What Commands Should a German Shepherd Know?

Following is the list of commands every German Shepherd should know.


It is one of the go-to commands and one of the important commands too to be practiced in all environments. It can help in calming the dog outside or while meeting new people.


It is one of the basic yet potentially lifesaving and a must-do command. It makes the dog whatever they are doing and come back to their owners.

Before taking the dog off-leash, or into places with lots of distractions, they should master the come command. It is also very useful if the dog is notoriously known for jumping off the fence or breaking out of the leash.


The wait is a useful command to teach because it teaches the dog to hold and wait for directions and get permission from their masters. The owner can also use this command before going out alone, getting in or out of the house or the car, meeting people, serving food to them, etc.


While the stay is a basic command, it is actually a more complicated behavior. This is because in order to teach German Shepherd breeds to stay they need to resist temptations. It is a vital command that will make them learn obedience and patience.


Many owners find that training their dogs to speak is much easier than training them to be quiet. The German Shepherd is bred as a watchful and alert companion and is a notorious barker.

Generally, when the German Shepherd barks owners can add in a command, such as speak, to seize their barking. Once the dog understands they will get rewards in the form of treats or toys for barking and then owners need to add a stop barking cue.

Drop It

It is very common behavior of German shepherds to run away with something forbidden in their mouth and chasing them could be nothing less than running a marathon, there this command could come in very handy. Basically, owners will offer treats whenever their dog has something that they want.


The reason for this command is to teach them to walk on a loose leash beside their master. This command training involves holding the dog’s leash with the right hand and keeping them on the left side which is the traditional heel side.

Hold a treat in the left hand and guide the dog along the seam of the left leg while walking a few steps. Give them the treat for following along on a loose leash.

Best Commands for Dogs:

Here are some best commands to teach your dog:

  • Recognizing its name.
  • Rollover
  • Sit down
  • Up
  • Let’s go
  • Jump
  • Slide
  • Guard me/save me
  • Attention command
  • Crawl to me
  • Spin for me

German shepherds are very intelligent and playful dog breeds despite their serious looks. Training them using commands helps teach them to act in synchronization with the house rules. Without proper training, they can make their owner’s life chaotic and a mess.

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