Breeding German shepherds just for making their service dogs or for police k-9 work may sound a bit barbaric but knowing their high intelligence level and loyalty they are fit for this job. With such a wonderful breed and huge popularity worldwide, breeding german shepherds have been very well-received and well-executed over the last decades.

These dogs were created to be working dogs, not ring contestants. They still hold a well-known place in military and police work. Healthy German shepherd sires and dams are chosen to be bred to produce healthy puppies that can serve the country or their humans by supporting them emotionally or by just goofing around. They are perfect family dogs, as they can be socialized easily but at the early stages of their lives. German Shepherds are known for being one of the more intelligent breeds of dogs.


This makes them very easy to train. Parents usually question that are German shepherds good with kids? When children are involved in the training process, it helps to have a smart dog to work with. Since they are so smart, they can learn tricks easier than many other breeds. So, it can be fun teaching them to fetch, roll over, or sit down. They generally become very attached to their humans. It won’t take long before for a German shepherd to love them and their family.

This makes them quite doting and loving, so it is great for people who like something big and furry to cuddle with at night. German Shepherds have teeth, and they do know how to use them. While they are generally friendly dogs, they will be quick to protect the family in case of danger. This is particularly true when it comes to the little ones. They can be protective of their humans. They will keep a watchful eye and they will continuously be on guard, just in case of need. German Shepherds have a lot of energy and so do children. This is the dog that will be able to keep up with the kids at the park or in the yard so build dog houses for German shepherds so they can play with the little ones and can seek shelter or water whenever they need it.

They are good first dogs as they are easy to train, obedient, brave, friendly, loving, loyal, and good with kids. They make excellent dogs for first-time owners, whether families or single owners. However, they need a lot of exercise, shed a lot, and don’t like to be left alone all the time. The last thing to worry about as a first-time dog owner is constant visits to the vets and spending a ton of money on treatments and medication, The German Shepherd is generally a fit and healthy breed, although they are known to rarely suffer from a sensitive stomach.  But there is no need to worry as most of these stomach issues can be harmless such as mild sickness or diarrhea.

German Shepherds are great dogs with a multitude of positive qualities and characteristics and are indeed the best family dogs.

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