Nothing is cuter than a fluffy bundle of German shepherd goodness. However, they quickly set in. Raising a German shepherd has a lot of work to do. From housetraining, chewing up the household items, and establishing a routine with time. The adorable puppy enters the home with some bit of challenges and heart-melting rewards as well.

Once, an individual buys a German shepherd, it takes time to adjust in the family, it needs to be made comfortable at home. To get started, there are various books on puppy training, online advice for free training, and many opinions that can be helpful. Hence, learning can be soaked from other German shepherd owners’ mistakes, which most of them are more than happy to share.


Hence, there are some common mistakes people make while raising german shepherd puppies.

1. Getting a puppy that is too young

German Shepherd Puppies are known to develop many life skills from their mom and littermates. Once, bringing they early to a new home, they might experience anxiety, lack of confidence, suffer from health issues, and many more behavioral problems.

2. Choosing the wrong dog

It is evident that there is nothing more astonishing than watching a high-energy dog doing its routine job. Whether it’s taking over criminals, sniffing out drugs, searching for the lost, or protecting from explosives, these come under German shepherd top sires.

3. Not puppy-proofing the home

German shepherds are smart, clever, and love to chew. Combining these qualities with a puppy who is left with its own devices and loves to inspect each and everything available at home. Hence, the home shall be puppy-proofed before entering the house.

4. Not buying the right dog gear

There are some basic dog gears that need to be brought in before to make the transition of dogs easier. As soon as the puppy arrives, there is a safe space to play and relax. A collar, a leash, a crate, an exercise pen, dog dishes, food, chew toys, and cleaning supplies are mandatory stuff needed in the house for the dog.

5. Not being prepared for the pupping biting

Like dams and sires, German Shepherds are fond of chewing. They are herding dogs, that are gabbier than most breeds. It is witnessed many first-time German Shepherd owners have been caught off guard by how much the puppy likes to bite and how many sharp razor teeth they have.

6. Allowing resource-guarding behavior

German Shepherds are known for their naturally protective nature and can easily be used as vital resource guarding. It is said that owners shall not allow puppies to guard anything including their food, space, or favorite toy.

7. Failing to socialize

Young Shepherds only need to learn the house rules, but it’s for the greater benefit that they need to be exposed to people and places outside the home to make them confident. But this shall be done under safety supervision. Therefore, to create good experiences and are not forced upon facing fearful situations or hurting any other animals and people.

8. Not keeping to a schedule

When a puppy follows a smooth routine for its meals, potty breaks, walk, playtime, and bedtime, it makes the training much easier, and it sets up a puppy to gain success. By sticking to a realistic routine, the dog stays calmer, and happier, and grows up to be a confident dog.

9. Not starting training immediately

German Shepherds are their own pleasers. Their training shall begin from the day they moved into the house. Early starters help them develop and grow to be amazing dogs.

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