Breeding #21-4: Chewy x Anoshi (Sold Out)

Anoshi whelped a big litter. Everyone with a deposit will get a pup. A male and two females are available. They all go home at the end of August.


Anoshi just started her heat! She will be bred to Chewy in the next two weeks. If all goes well, people with deposits will get getting their new companions in early September.


Anoshi is resting this Winter. She will not be bred on her next cycle. This is our practice. Her cycle after this will come in May or June. She will be bred to Chewy. This is probably our most popular pairing because their longhair pups are so darn cute and develop into adults that are as close to mellow as a GSD can be. I use the expression “toned down”, shepherds are seldom mellow. They leave that to their Retriever cousins. This is a litter that will sell out very early. We will keep the picked female to replace Anoshi for 2 years. Chewy and Anoshi will breed again in 2021, late.

Breeding #21-5: Patton x Agnes

Update 7/19/2021
Agnes did not get pregnant. In the past, both Agnes and Mercedes “short cycled” — meaning they each went into estrus about 90 days after failing to get pregnant. They both had normal pregnancies. You may call to discuss.

Agnes Breed to Patton 6/6/2021
Agnes and Patton are both top-bred dogs that we imported from our friends and renowned breeders in the Czech Republic. They should breed in June with pups going home in Early October. After this breeding, Agnes will be rested.

Breeding #21-6: Levi x Hara (Taking Deposits)

Hara’s ultrasound was excellent. We expect more than 5 pups. She will whelp about August 20th.

Hara should breed again in late June with her pups going to their new homes in early October. We are just now taking deposits for this litter. Some of these pups will be high ball-drive dogs appropriate for very active families, single owners who are runners/hikers and higher level training. If you want a companion dog from this litter because of timing but don’t fit the above description, please specify an “omega” pup. The omega is the converse of the apha in the litter.

Fall 2021 Breeding Plans (Taking Deposit)

Tentatively, in October, we will do #21B-1 breeding Karinina, and two new females to the kennel, breeding #21B-2 Iris and breeding #21B-3 Keita. Both are jet black daughters from Quantum.

In November-December, we will do breeding #21B-4 Anoshi and #21B-5 Karma. Karma is also a jet black from our Karinina and Xoltan. You might remember we brought Karinina over from the Czech Republic already bred to the great Czech champion Xoltan. We kept one of the females from that fabulous litter, Karma. Now Karma is ready to breed, having passed all her health certifications

For black German Shepherd lovers, we will have lots of black pups in this selection from Iris, Keita and Karma. Interested? Email us at – or call us at (315) 406-3783