German shepherds are the best breed especially if you are getting a sable german shepherd puppy. There is just no other dog that is as devoted, amusing and loving to own. Without one of these amazing dogs in your life, it is difficult to picture what life would be like. Despite how fantastic they are, they need effort and time. likely more so than the majority of other breeds. No matter how many German shepherds you’ve owned or if you’ve never owned one before, each one is different.

Even though the best canines have their own unique set of difficulties. Most dogs share common characteristics of the German shepherd breed, while certain aspects are highly similar, and others considerably vary amongst dogs.

But before considering getting a sable German shepherd puppy there are a few things to consider. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know. But before that let’s look at some facts about them.

Traits And Facts:

  • German shepherd puppies should only be purchased from reputable breeders since they are robust, huge dogs with strong guarding instincts. Uneasy dogs are more likely to be poorly bred dogs.
  • German shepherd dogs are energetic and enjoy being busy. They must obtain enough exercise every day for the chief or become high-strung.
  • They may also have coats with short, medium, or long hair. Every variety has two coatings. The overcoat, which has longer guard hairs, is the longest coat. The undercoat, which is heavier and softer, shields their skin from extremely cold and hot temperatures.
  • The German Shepherd dog is known for its courage and loyalty.
  • They are regarded as a big breed. Males can reach heights of 24-26 inches and weighs 65-90 pounds. Females are smaller and weigh 50–70 lbs., standing 22–24 inches tall.
  • Typically, they are employed as service and police dogs.
  • The German Shepherd dog is recognized for its dignity and stature and does not give affection easily. It is also regarded as a “one-man” breed because of its propensity to show intense loyalty and faithfulness, particularly to its owner or primary carer.
  • Despite being a breed of healthy dogs, they do have a few inherited health issues. Their lifespans range from 7 to 13 years, with the assumption that they’ll get regular veterinarian care, engage in frequent exercise, and consume nutritious, well-balanced meals.

Now that you have learned about their facts and traits, let’s see some important things you should consider before buying a sable German shepherd puppy.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Sable German Shepherd Puppy


Nothing compares to the joy of taking a new puppy home. You are bringing a new family member into the world, and who doesn’t like admiring those adorable baby ears and paws that they haven’t quite developed into?

German Shepherds are famous for their bravery and loyalty, but those who have never raised a German shepherd puppy before truly have no idea what they are in for until they get one. You should consider a few things before bringing a sable German shepherd puppy home.

They Are Hard Working:

German shepherd pups require a lot of work despite how adorable they are. They are bold, curious, and interested in anything that catches their attention, along with the requirement for extensive instruction. They also enjoy puppy-biting and chewing everything that moves, such as hands, feet, furniture, people’s possessions, and young children.

When one of these mini land sharks arrives, it is imperative to puppy-proof the house and teach the children what is and is not acceptable to play bite.

Enough Space at Home:

All dogs require room, both indoors and outdoors. However, the German Shepherd is a big breed that is also quite busy and active. Therefore, there should be enough room for them to move, run, and play so that they can obtain the stimulation they require. A German Shepherd kept in a cramped space will act out and grow depressed. During the early stages of puberty, German Shepherds can be rather awkward. They have broad tails and gangly legs. Thus, anything that is “in their way,” such as picture frames, decorations, and coffee mugs, will be knocked over. Therefore, anything fragile should be put out of their path for at least the first year as they become used to using their large, powerful body. The German Shepherd has a strong chewing ability.

Therefore, everything that can even appear vaguely fascinating is fair game for chewing. Your German Shepherd may need to go outside frequently for bathroom breaks until they are completely housebroken. You might expect the need to take a bathroom break every 20 to 30 minutes for the first week or two. Therefore, this will be challenging if you don’t have a garden. Your best option if this describes you is to potty train using pee pads, however, it is not ideal. then retrain them once they reach adulthood. This is not ideal, as we have already explained. When potty training a puppy, crates, and playpens can be quite beneficial.

Expensive To Take Care Of:

Although there is no such thing as a free dog, German shepherds are more expensive to raise than other breeds. To begin with, it costs more to feed, neuter, or spay a larger dog. For larger dogs, the expense of heartworm, flea, and tick prevention is higher. To maintain the health of their delicate skin and tummies, they frequently need upscale cuisine.

They may be more susceptible to allergies, breed-specific health difficulties, and specialized orthopedic problems, all of which may result in high veterinary costs. Consider pet insurance carefully if you are acquiring a new puppy.

They Need Exercise:

german-shepherd-puppy-priceGerman shepherds are active, as breed experts will attest. They need a lot of space to play and run because they are dog athletes and need to do so to burn off surplus energy. They also possess a great deal of endurance and need a lot of time to complete their exercise requirements. As long as kids are given the room and time to do it—every day, ideally with you—it doesn’t matter what they do. German shepherds are intelligent—that much is an understatement. When given insufficient time, training, attention, and exercise, this breed, which is exceptionally intelligent, will come up with activities to keep their minds occupied.

A bored shepherd can easily become a shepherd who is up to no good. They require a variety of activities to keep both their bodies and minds active. The good news is that they enjoy nothing more than focusing on you when you offer them your full attention.

Heavy Shedder:

German shepherds consistently and heavily shed twice a year. They must be combed a few times per week to help keep the fur down, and even then, they will still shed dog hair on carpets, furniture, bedding, and clothing. They are well worth the effort, although they might not be the breed for those who prefer things to be pristine.

They Need Proper Socialization:

These dogs are strong, instinctively guard dogs, and incredibly loyal to their family. They may also be wary and distant around strangers. One of the most crucial things they must learn from an early age is how to appear confident, greet others, and prevent unpleasant guarding behavior.

What Is the German Shepherd’s Puppy Price?

A purebred sable German Shepherd puppy costs between $800 and $3,500 from a reputable breeder. The sable German Shepherd puppy of show quality can range in price from $6,500 to $10,000. The cost of GSD puppies is also influenced by other elements, such as coat color.

The German shepherd is the most devoted breed there is. They exist to appease and safeguard the people they adore. They are happiest when they are close to their family, and they will spend their entire lives keeping an eye on them. So, if you are not the one who could give your time and 100% then you are not ready to own a puppy. You can also read Upstate German shepherd testimonials and can get your puppy from a certified breeder like us.