We are pretty sure that you might at least once have seen a German Shepherd police dog with the police squad. Maybe even in the movies, you might have seen a German shepherd as a police dog. German Shepherds are genuinely fantastic dogs, and in addition to being terrific pets, they also make outstanding police dogs. They are one of the most widely utilized dog breeds in police service, and there are a variety of reasons for this.

This is a devoted and loving breed with a lot of energy who needs to be mentally occupied to avoid boredom. These are only a few of the reasons they make excellent police partners, but there are many more.

Well known for being the courageous dog breed, German Shepherd police dogs are pretty common now. Their loyalty, intelligence, and obedience make them the best breed for a police dog.

Why Are German Shepherds Used as K9 Police Dogs?

k9-police-dogThere are several reasons why German Shepherd dogs make excellent police dogs. They make such wonderful police dogs because they are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, making them more than competent for the task at hand.

They can also work for extended periods without tiring, and as herding dogs, it is natural for them to desire to defend. German Shepherds are a canine breed with above-average power and the capacity to remain calm in stressful conditions.

Here few main reasons why German shepherds make the best police dog.

Working Breed:

German shepherds were originally bred to be working dogs in the military or the police. They were not decided to be police dogs, but after carefully assisting their intelligence, loyalty, and flexibility they decided to hire them.

Tracking and protection abilities make a German shepherd police dog a successful dog breed and renowned worldwide.


Dogs are considered to be devoted to their owners. German Shepherds, on the other hand, are believed to be more faithful than other dog breeds.

German Shepherds have a great need to be with their owners. They do their hardest to please their masters and remain as obedient as possible. Furthermore, due to their unwavering loyalty, German Shepherds never abandon their owners. They are prepared to fight and even sacrifice their lives for them.


The German Shepherd is the world’s third smartest dog breed. Their mental capacity is comparable to that of a 2.5-year-old human kid, which is rather astounding for a dog! As we learn more about canine psychology, their mental capabilities will improve.

Police officers employ their intellect in a variety of ways. They usually utilize this dog to discover concealed narcotics and explosives, find missing individuals, find criminal evidence and attack those who have been targeted by the police.

Smell And Track:

If you didn’t see it yourself, you’ve undoubtedly seen in a movie, film, or television show how police officers use trained canines to examine items at airports, subways, and school buses. German Shepherd police dog is also employed to detect explosives, narcotics, and firearms, and when compared to other dog breeds, German Shepherds dog rate near the top in scenting abilities.

We said a few minutes ago that a German Shepherd may also be a service dog, but thousands of people would be lost and likely dead without their assistance. If you are missing and the German Shepherd is hunting for you, he may detect your scent from a distance of 2 miles (3.2 km), and if it is windy, he may detect your scent from a distance of 10 miles (16 km).

The German Shepherd possesses one of the strongest noses on the globe, according to the 225 million smell sensors in the nose.

Calm Temperament:

German Shepherd dogs have a fantastic and stable temperament. If you give them enough time and effort, they will undoubtedly treat you as their best friend. If you don’t have a german shepherd then think about getting one because of their tolerance and excellent disposition, they are readily trained. They can be trained pretty easily with proper treatment motivation and great training.

How Is German Shepherd Police Dog Trained?

police-dog-training-methodsChoosing the best candidate to be a police dog requires a detailed evaluation list. Choosing a German shepherd police dog often entails looking for a dog with a strong natural prey drive, and breeders may occasionally begin testing and training entire litters of puppies as young as 6 weeks old. During this period, they are on the lookout for puppies who exhibit evidence of this type of drive.

A ball that is rolled underneath a sofa or other object is another way that breeders might use to choose pups that will be suited for police training. Puppies will normally try to catch it based on their innate instincts; however, some puppies will lose interest and give up on the ball if they are presented with something more intriguing.

A puppy with a natural prey drive will be highly tenacious in attempting to acquire the ball, and it will not let up until it gets it.

They will remain focused on the goal until they accomplish the desired outcome. You might experiment with this at home with your dog to see how they react. This is an excellent technique to determine how strong your puppy’s inherent prey drive is. This may come in handy in the future when introducing your German Shepherd to different people and animals.

Training a German Shepherd to be a police dog is a difficult and time-consuming task. Training times vary depending on the dog. Some canines that end up in police stations have previously been trained as guards and protectors. These dogs require less training time than canines who have never been trained.

It takes many weeks to complete the fundamental foundational training. It can take up to 3 to 4 weeks for police agencies to train a canine to track and detect hazardous devices and narcotics.

During this time, the dog is taught to hunt, rescue, attack, track, detect, and obey instructions. Following the first training, a timetable for frequent continuous training is established to strengthen and refine the skills of a police dog.

German Shepherds are among the most widely employed breeds for police service, and it’s easy to understand why given their versatility, intelligence, and devotion. While other dogs make excellent police dogs, they are utilized for unique tasks. Therefore, German Shepherds are among the most popular, as they are extremely flexible and can do a wide range of tasks.

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